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Even when they are having their meals in restaurants, they eat in the same way too. But in America, just part of the Americans have their meal at home with their family members. That's common for them to take fast food as their meals, especially teenagers.

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They love to hang out and have meals with their friends, instead of their families. These actually shows that Chinese care about family union much more than Americans do. In China, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are three ideologies which have greatly influenced the Chinese, such as the importance of education, respecting the elderly and parents, respecting the ghost and the gods in order to be well-being and the wheel of life.

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On the other hand, most of the Americans believe in Christianity and Catholic. The Christians and Catholics often pray to God. They believe that God blesses them and they will be sent to heaven after they died.

We can see that the ideologies that people believe are quite different between Chinese and Americans. Furthermore, when negotiating in China, business persons have to be prepared to discuss all issues at the same time and in an apparently disorganised order Deresky, Gesteland suggests that.

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For United States business people it is important to be issue-related, objective and time-conscious. However, Zhu et al. The United States culture is affected by their immigrant society and that is the reason for the cultural diversity. As mentioned above it is all but impossible to predict and esteem specific the negotiating styles of the United States business people. There exists no allegiance to the company Chua et al. After analyzing the negotiation style in China and the United States and its reasons, several similarities as well as differences can be pointed out.

First of all, it is important to understand the effect negotiating perceptions have on the negotiating outcomes see Figure 3. Source: Adapted from: Ma, Z. International Journal of Emerging Markets.

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Both countries put emphasis on assertiveness, success, power and competition through their closely index of Masculinity in the intercultural framework of Hofstede. According to Hofstede, differences between the two countries can be shown in their Long-Term Orientation. The United States are long-term oriented and China 29 short-term oriented. This means that China is more committed to loyalty to and respect for traditional business strategies than the United States.

Furthermore, one of the biggest differences is their decision-making behaviour see Appendix A. Finally, both countries have a different pursue a different goal in the negotiation process. For the Chinese it is a kind of dialogue, more precisely an exchange of information. In the United States negotiation is associated with an outcome which could be a contract.

Summarising the findings and arguments shows that both countries should have an understanding of the traditions and culture.

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Woo et al. Especially the business people from the United States should be prepared for a long visit when doing business in China. The best way to be successful in China is to build guanxi, which is a time-consuming procedure but essential. The Chinese business people have their focus more and more on the content of the deals and the details of the prices. In comparison to the business negotiation in the United States soft handshakes should be avoided because for some of them it reflects weakness Gesteland, Source: Adapted from: Gesteland, R.

Cross-cultural business behavior: marketing, negotiating and managing across cultures. Show More.

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The make-up of a family is another element that is notably different. In China, due to overpopulation, the government made it so that spouses can only have 1 or 2 children maximum. Most families prefer to have male children, and as a result, many girls or children with disabilities are aborted, placed in orphanages, or abandoned. Whereas in India, families tend to be larger and have many kids.

Unfortunately though, a great many families, especially in the cities can not afford to feed their children and some end up abandoning them.